NCTC is an Important Part of MOQI

NCTC (Northland Community and Technical College) is an important part of MOQI.  MOQI stands for the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative.  In March 2012, Northland and Minnesota State University, Mankato were designated by Minnesota Online as the co-coordinating institutions for Quality Matters implementation in the state.  Currently there are 31 Quality Matters affiliate institutions within the MnSCU and University of Minnesota systems.    The cooperative work the two institutions are doing is being organized under MOQI and is being coordinated by Elizabeth McMahon from Northland and Linda Jacoby from MSU-Mankato.

One of Northland’s primary roles as part of this cooperative with MSU-Mankato will be to oversee and manage a course review process that allows institutions in the state to have their own online courses reviewed through a formal QM course review process.    By working with QM, this new “MOQI Process” has been designed so that courses that meet standards during the review will be awarded the QM certification seal.  The process has also been designed with two other goals in mind: 1) maintaining a cost-effective process, and 2): providing opportunities for Certified Peer Reviewers from these Minnesota affiliates to serve on review teams.

Learn more about QM in Minnesota at the MOQI website.


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