Northland Faculty Show Commitment To Online Course Quality

""Over the past year (2011-2012) a small group of faculty have been working to identify goals and strategies for implementing Quality Matters into the college faculty community and we’ve made progress!  Here’s a summary of the activity for the past year:

  • Seventeen faculty members attended an all-day Applying the Quality Matters Rubric APPQMR workshop on December 1, 2011.
  • Several other faculty participated individually in various online APPQMR workshop offerings throughout spring and summer semesters in 2012.
  • Several faculty went on to complete the Peer Reviewer course and have become Certified Peer Reviewers. Northland currently has 10 certified peer reviewers.
  • Some of the Peer Reviewers from Northland have participated in formal course reviews for other colleges from across the United States.
  • One faculty member has earned Master Reviewer certification and now chairs review teams for Quality Matters.
  • Faculty are beginning to submit courses into a formal QM course review process.  Courses that meet the QM Standards are recognized by QM on their national database of courses and receive a seal for the faculty member to display in their course.  Northland’s QM Recognized Courses

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